Spanish for Preschoolers

 is the ideal place for children embarking on their first formal learning adventure! We take pride in our cozy, homelike environment and of the very personalized attention we give each and every one of our preschoolers. Our small class sizes, outstanding curriculum, and dynamic teachers guarantee a nurturing environment where children thrive academically and socially. ChiCeLaCu! offers full-time preschool at the Fairfax City location and a part-time option at the Vienna/Tysons location.

Children learn best through play!

We recognize that children learn best through play. Our preschool curriculum uses this philosophy to support our preschoolers’ cognitive, social, and physical development. In a fun, relaxed, and nurturing environment, our students learn Spanish through play, dance, music, arts and crafts and physical activity. At ChiCeLaCu! we work to cement a strong foundation in key academic areas including, writing, reading, math, critical thinking and problem solving. Children graduating from our preschool program leave with a strong academic foundation and ready to succeed in any kindergarten program. Many of our preschoolers start reading and writing in Spanish!

Developing fine and gross motor skills!

Through various interactive and fun-filled activities, children develop and strengthen age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills. Teachers focus on developing proper pincer, pencil and scissor grip in addition to modeling proper writing posture. Given the obvious (and not so obvious) benefits of learning to write in brain development, ChiCeLaCu! places a strong emphasis on this critical skill. 

Through dance, theater and targeted physical movement, ChiCeLaCu! facilitates self-expression while supporting motor and cognitive development. 

Come and see for yourself the best kept secret in Northern Virginia!