Spanish After School

Make a difference in your child’s education and enroll them in the Spanish Immersion After School Program at ChiCeLaCu!. We offer a two-day option at the Vienna location and the full week at the Fairfax City location.

Open to all children regardless of Spanish ability, this long-term program helps build a strong language foundation as children prepare to take foreign language classes in middle and high school. We offer classes throughout the school year. Transportation to-and-from a select group of area schools is provided at an additional fee.

The program combines hands-on activities, outdoor, and classroom instruction. Students develop speaking and conversational skills through a variety of fun activities, such as games, skits, plays, puppetry, song, dance, music, storytelling, audio books, etc. Students achieve a high level of proficiency when they are enrolled 2 to 3 days a week during an academic year for at least three consecutive years.

For information on schedule and tuition at the Fairfax City location, click here.

For information on schedule and tuition at the Vienna Location, click here.