Spanish Immersion Preschool

Vienna, Tysons, Falls Church, Fairfax City

Sept. 9 - June 11, 2025

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ChiCeLaCu! preschools are the ideal place for children embarking on their first formal learning adventure. We offer Spanish immersion preschools in both ChiCeLaCu! Fairfax and ChiCeLaCu! Tysons – Vienna / Falls Church. We take pride in our cozy, homelike environments and of the very personalized attention we give each and every one of our students. Our small class sizes, outstanding curriculum, and dynamic teachers guarantee a nurturing environment where preschoolers thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  Licensed by the Virginia Department of Education, ChiCeLaCu welcomes children starting at age 3 at the Fairfax location and 2.5 at the Tysons/Falls Church location.

Preschoolers ages 3 and up must be fully potty trained. Children under the age of 3 must be in the final stages of toilet training prior to enrollment. As this is a skills-based Spanish Immersion preschool and not a daycare, it is strongly recommended that children 3 years of age who have not had any previous experience with daycare or preschool, begin with the part-time schedule to give the child time to acclimate to the new preschool environment and routine. Parents will be notified when the child is ready for a full-day schedule. Children under the age of 3 are invited to register on a part-time basis only (9:30 AM to noon). After an assessment period of a few months, the child’s teacher will determine when/if the child is ready for a full day schedule.

ChiCeLaCu!, a Spanish immersion center, offers the best Spanish Preschool and BIlingual Preschool in Northern Virginia for children ages 2.5 to 6. Our preschools are located near McLean, Dunn Loring, Pimmit Hill, Seven Corners, Annandale, Arlington, Vienna, Oakton, Fairfax Station, Mantua, Annandale, Alexandria, Fair Oaks, Burke, Clifton, Herndon, Springfield, Reston, and Great Falls in Fairfax County, Virginia. Your preschooler will enjoy a safe place to learn, socialize, and have lots fun! Come see for yourself the best preschool and kindergarten in Vienna and Tysons Virginia.

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Children learn best through play

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Our programs apply this philosophy to support our preschoolers’ cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. In a fun, relaxed, and nurturing environment, our students learn through play, games, exploration, songs, music, arts and crafts, and lots of movement. Our large facilities offer ample indoor and outdoor learning areas, perfect for a school offering full- and part-time preschool and extended care.

Cementing a strong social-emotional and academic foundation

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At ChiCeLaCu, we work to cement a strong foundation in key areas, including early writing, reading, math, science, and critical thinking. At ChiCeLaCu, we work to cement a strong foundation in key areas, including early literacy, math, science, and critical thinking. Social and emotional development is addressed through various activities where children work and play together, learn to share, take turns, and resolve conflicts. Children graduating from our preschools leave with a solid foundation in Spanish and in all critical areas and are ready to succeed in any kindergarten program and beyond.

Developing fine and gross motor skills

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Through various interactive and fun-filled activities held both indoors and outdoors, children develop and strengthen age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills. Teachers focus on developing proper pincer, pencil and scissor grip in addition to modeling proper writing posture. Given the obvious (and not so obvious) benefits of learning to write in brain development, ChiCeLaCu! places a strong emphasis on this basic yet critical skill. Through dance, theater and targeted physical movement, ChiCeLaCu! facilitates self-expression while supporting motor and cognitive development.

Spanish Immersion

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ChiCeLaCu welcomes all preschoolers regardless of Spanish language exposure. Preschoolers learn to use  their words to express their emotions, feelings, needs and wants while also being considerate of others and learning to get along. Language and literacy development, the cornerstone of communication and socialization, are addressed through activities that combine playing, talking, listening, reading, and center activities. We work to increase a preschooler’s Spanish vocabulary and improve overall communication. Children who graduate from the preschool program are invited to participate in ChiCeLaCu’s Saturday School for Heritage and Highly Proficient  Speakers. 

Come and see for yourself the best kept secret in Northern Virginia- ChiCeLaCu! Spanish Immersion Center and  Preschool.